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Min. ramp width to be 48″.  Ramps serving only exit discharge with 300+ occupants, min. width to be 60″.  Ramps serving Group R may be 36″ if less than 50 occupants. CBC 1133B.5.2

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Drive by Lawsuits – SF Mission Local

Article about Mission Merchants meeting to discuss ADA compliance

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Clear Floor Space / Turning Radius

A question has come up recently regarding the 60″ diameter circle or “T” shaped space required for wheelchair turning – and specifically about the height that the 60″ diameter circle or “T” shaped space needs to be clear above the … Continue reading

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Barrier Removal

It’s important to note that there is a significant difference between “Barrier Removal” and “Renovations.”  Barrier removal, as it implies, refers to the removal of barriers that can impede access by individuals with disabilities.  Barrier removal is required by the … Continue reading

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Door Closers

Whoa – just discovered that the 2010 ADA is much more strict in it’s requirement for closer time on doors. Door & gate closers to be adjusted to close from an open position of 90 degrees in not less than … Continue reading

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Parking Signs – Van Spaces

Van Accessible sign where required. $250 fine sign at each parking stall. CBC 1129B.4

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Parking Signs

Sign posted for each accessible parking space with International Symbol of Accessibility indicating that the space is reserved for persons with disabled parking permits. $250 fine sign at each parking stall. CBC 1129B.4

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Curb Ramps – Finish

Curb ramp finish to contrast with adjacent sidewalk. CBC 1127B.5.5

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Signs – International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA)

In California, ISA’s are required at: Building Entrances – CBC 1117B. Accessible Restrooms – adjacent to door – not on door – CBC 1117B.5.1.3 Transfer Seats in Auditoriums – CBC 1104B.3.4.1 Accessible Checkstands – when not all checkstands are accessible … Continue reading

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Alarm Locations

Visual alarms to be placed 80” above highest floor level within space or 6” below ceiling – whichever is lower. ADAAG 4.28.3

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