U-shaped kitchens with parallel approach at range or cooktop to have min. clear width of 60”
CBC 1133A.2.1

U-shaped kitchens with cooktop or sink located at base of U w/ 30” wide knee space to a height of 27” AFF to allow forward approach, to have a clear width of 48”.
CBC 1133A.2.1

All other kitchen designs to provide a minimum clear width of 48”.
CBC 1133A.2.1.3

1.     30” wide counter top for sink installation with removable base cabinet and finish flooring beneath sink.

2.     30” wide counter top workspace

3.     30”x48” clear space adjacent to range or cooktop to allow parallel approach.

4.     30”x48” either parallel approach at oven, dishwasher, trash compactor or refrigerator.
CBC 1133A.4


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