Single Accomodation Toilet

Provide 60” diameter circle clear space or “T” shaped

CBC Fig. 11B-1A1

space complying with Fig. 11B-12.  No door to encroach into clear floor space more than 12”.
CBC 1115B.3.2.1

Clear space for water closets not in stalls to comply with Fig. 28
ADAAG 4.16.2

Lavatories prohibited from overlapping the clear floor space at water closets, except in covered residential dwelling units.
2010 ADA 604.3.2

CBC Fig 11B-1A1 2010 ADA

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24 Responses to Single Accomodation Toilet

  1. Gale Melton says:

    Please clarify if 30″ x 48″ clear space at accessible lavatory can extend all the way to the back wall (if the 9″ toe clearance minimum is observed) or maximum 19″ from front edge of lavatory?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      The 30″x48″ clear space at a lavatory can extend 19″ back – from the front edge of the lavatory. So, if the 48″ dimension extends 19″ back from the front edge – then it extends 29″ in front of the lavatory.

  2. HHF says:

    Please clarify in ref to the 18″ req distance from CL of toilet fixture to the adjacent wall it minimum ? i.e. can it exceed that ..example 19″…20″..thanks

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      The previous code requirement was 18″ from side wall to centerline of toilet. The new / current code is 16″ – 18″ from side wall to centerline of toilet. The intention is that the toilet be appropriately placed so a disabled person can appropriately use the grab bars that are mounted adjacent to and behind the toilet. If the toilet is more than 18″ it’s difficult for a person to use the grab bars. We’ve adjusted the dimension on some projects by “furring or building out” the side wall to make it 18″.

      • JM says:

        I’m in the process of starting a remodel to one of the student lounge areas. Part of the remodel is to bring the current public restrooms to comply with current ADA code. I would like to confirm on the minimum and maximum dimensions. Could you provide me with the current California code that states the 16” to 18” from side wall to center line of the toilet? My approved drawings are showing 18” from the wall to the CL of the water closet. If I am able to use the 16” from the wall to the CL of the WC, I will not have to relocate the plumbing, since the existing WC’s are at 16” center line.

        • Dwight Ashdown says:

          The current code reference of 16″ – 18″ is described in my book ADA4CA.
          Be advised, however, that the code is changing on Jan. 1 2014 – to be 17″ – 18″.

  3. LG says:

    Can the door swing overlap the clear space at the lavatory?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Generally no. The ADA does provide an exception, which allows a door to swing into the clear floor space of an accessible fixture if a clear area 30″x48″ is provided outside the door swing.
      2010 ADA 603.2.3 Exception.

  4. Doug Waters says:

    Are the above drawings/Fig’s consistent with Both ADA and CBC current 2014 requirements for retail?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      The drawings are based on the 2010 CBC & 2010 ADA. Generally they are consistent with the 2013 CBC – with the exception that we need to update them to show the toilet centered 17″ – 18″ from the side wall and a clear space in front of the toilet 48″ x 60″. We’ll get right on it.



      • Doug Waters says:

        About the 48″ x 60″ clear space in front of the toilet, can that be arranged either way (portrait and landscape)?


  5. CCH says:

    The 18″ clearance from the centerline of the lavatory to the adjacent side wall seems to be a requirement specific to California. Is that in any national code? We normally set that distance at 15″ so the sink is in the center of the 30″ wide clear floor space.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Interesting question. I was going to refer you to 2010 ADA 606 – but it appears that the only requirement there is that the lavatory be centered on a 30″ clear space – so on initial review, I would have to say that the 18″ offset is a California specific requirement.

  6. MWestfall says:

    In 2013 CBC can the clear floor space for the WC and lav overlap? I’m being told by a consultant that they can’t but I only find reference to the WC being 28″ to edge of lav, not clear floor space.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Is this in a residential or commercial space? In our ebook – ADA4CA – available on iTunes, Amazon & Barnes & Nobel, you can find the answer with diagrams & code references to this and almost anything else you can think of.

  7. Jerry Garrett says:

    Does this ADA exception apply in California?

    This plan shows a typical example of a single-user toilet
    room that meets the minimum requirements of the 2010
    Standards when the entry door swings into the room. In the
    2010 Standards an exception allows the entry door to swing
    over the clear floor spaces and clearances required at the
    fixtures if a clear floor space complying with section 305.3
    (minimum 30 inches by 48 inches) is provided outside the arc
    of the door swing, section 603.3.3 exception 2. The required
    maneuvering space for the door, section 404.2.4.1 and
    Figure 404.2.4.1(a), also is a factor in room size. This clear
    space cannot be obstructed by the plumbing fixtures. Note
    that this layout provides more space for turning when the
    door is closed than Plan-1B.

  8. CF says:

    Does the overlap exception apply to the 48″ in front of a toilet if an accessible vanity is located on the wall opposite the toilet? In other words, can the knee space under the vanity be counted as part of the 48″? Or is the 48″ measured from the front edge of the toilet to the front edge of the counter?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      I personally think it’s legitimate to have the 48″ clear space overlap 8″ of the vanity (keeping a clear height of 27″ off the floor). This dimension and logic is taken from the section diagram of a sink – where the 27″ clear height can extend 8″ under the front lip of the sink. Whatever overlap you do – it’s important to maintain the 27″ clear height.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      I think it’s legitimate to include an 8″ overlap under the vanity – provided the space is kept clear to 27″ off the floor. The logic for the 8″ overlap is derived from the 8″ clearance allowed under a sink, from the front edge of the counter.

  9. Katie Kelley says:

    What are the finished interior measurements of the CBC Fig 11B-1A1 2010 ADA image? We are designing an office for out by our greenhouse and want to get the best use of the space. Thanks

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      It’s a little dependent on the size of the sink. It’s important to maintain 5′-0″ clear from the wall adjacent to the toilet to the edge of the sink. Generally, if you plan on the restroom being 7′-4″ wide and 7′-0″ front to back (clear) you should be ok. When we do initial planning, we typically think of an accessible restroom as 7′-0″ x 7′-0″.

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