Centerline of hall call buttons to be 42” AFF.
CBC 1116B.1.10 ADAAG 4.10.3

Provide visual and audible signal at each hoistway entrance indicating direction of travel.

Visual signal to be 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” & visible from proximity of hall call button.

Audible signal to sound once for “up” and twice for “down” direction.

Centerline of fixture to be 6’-0” AFF.
CBC 1116B.1.13 ADAAG 4.10.4

Passenger elevator  landing jambs on all elevator floors to have the number of the floor designated by raised characters 2” in height with contracted grade 2 Braille located at 60” AFF on both sides of the door so they are visible from within the elevator.  On grade level, provide a raised 5 pointed 2” star to the left of the raised character.
CBC 1116B.1.14

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  1. Douglas Cortez says:

    If a City is building a public staircase on City owned property a on 5 ft wide ROW about 200 ft long, must they comply with ADA? Since wheelchairs could not use a staircase on a 30-35 degree slope, must elevators be required?

  2. Francisca Ramos says:

    Do you have such information for wheelchair lifts?

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