Sanitary Facilities

Doors cannot swing into clear floor space required for any fixture.
CBC 1115B.3.1.2 ADAAG 4.23.2

Exception:  In-swinging, side-opening water closet compartment door to comply with Fig. 11B-1B.
CBC 1115B.3.1.2

CBC Fig. 11B-1B

If compartment has side opening door, provide 60”x60” clear space in front of toilet.
CBC 1115B.

Doors may swing into the clear floor space of an accessible fixture if a clear floor space that measures 30”x48” is provided outside the door swing.
2010 ADA  603.2.3 Exception 2

Except for door-opening widths & door swings, provide clear, unobstructed access of not less than 44″
CBC 1115B.

Provide clear unobstructed 48″ space perpendicular to closed toilet compartment door.
CBC 1115B.

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6 Responses to Sanitary Facilities

  1. Ken Klos says:

    What is the height of the toilet seat off the finish floor level in a public facility?

  2. Hap Nairn says:

    Is there a requirement for the toilet to be elongated or can it be round?

  3. Tina Cozart says:

    Are we required to provide restrooms to the general public in our retail store in California?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      It depends on the type of store, what you sell, whether it’s in a mall with public restrooms and the number of employees you will have. We suggest you call your local Building Department.

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