Built-In Tables

Provide clear floor space at fixed tables or counters.  Clear floor space to overlap knee space 19” max.
CBC 1122B.2

Provide knee clearance 27” high, 30” wide & 19” deep.

Exception:  Knee clearance not required at checkout counter or service counters.
CBC 1122B.3 

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3 Responses to Built-In Tables

  1. andrew wood says:

    “Exception: Knee clearance not required at checkout counter or service counters.”

    Does a receptionist desk in a dental office that processes check-ins and check-outs for patients constitute “check-out counter” ?

    What is the definition of “checkout counter or service counters”?

    Thank you for your reply

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Absolutely. I don’t know if there is a specific definition of service counter – other than the obvious – but the ADA is all about, “providing goods and services.” If you have a person providing services on one side of the counter, and a customer on the other side of the counter, there’s a pretty good chance that we would call that a service counter.

    • andrew wood says:

      Clarification: my question is in regards to both the “receptionist side” of the counter as well as the “public side” of the counter.

      Thank you

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