Assembly Areas

Min. number of Accessible Seating Spaces

Seating             # of Wheelchair

Capacity           Seating Spaces

4 – 25                  1                         1

26 – 50                 2                         1

51 – 300                 4                         1

301 – 500                6

When seating capacity exceeds 500, one additional wheelchair to be provided for each total seating capacity increase of 100.

In addition 1% of all fixed seats to be aisle seats with no armrests on the aisle side, or removable armrest on the aisle side.  Each seat to be identified with ISA.  Provide signs notifying patrons of accessible seats at ticket office.
CBC 1104B.3.4

Single wheelchair space to be 36” wide.  Where two adjacent wheelchair spaces are provide, each space to be 33″ wide minimum.
2010 ADA 802.1.2

Facilities with 501 – 5000 seats to provide 1 addit. Wheelchair space for each addit. 150 seats (or fraction thereof)

Facilities with 5,001 + seats to provide one addit. Space for each 200 seats over 5,001.
2010 ADA  Table

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