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Food service aisles to be 36” min. clear width with a preferred width of 42”.  Tray slides to be no higher than 34” above finish floor.
CBC 1104B.5.5  2010 ADA 904.5.2

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  1. esaul guerrero says:

    I enjoy dining at this restaurant which I visit frequently but I have a concern, the salad bars is angle to a wall and the railing corner of this display. The distance from the edge of the chrome railing to the wall is 30 1/2 inches. The chrome railing prohibits me from having open excess. I have to maneuver very carefully and slowly just to go through and follow the path in the direction that other persons have become of following. Patrons have made rude remarks because I am slowing the line. I brought my concern to the store manager several time and he has informed me that my request has been forwarded to the building owner. Its been over two years with no response from the owner.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      In our digital book, ADA4CA, which is available on iTunes, Amazon & Barnes & Nobel, you can find an illustration under “Restaurants” which shows the required clearance for food service aisles. You might want to share that illustration with the business owner.

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