Recreation Facilities

Participation areas including:

Tennis, racquetball & handball courts, gymnasium floor areas & general exercise rooms, basketball, volleyball, badminton courts and bowling lanes, athletic team rooms, facilities, playing fields and running tracks

to be open to individuals with disabilities.
CBC 1104B.4.3

For court sports, accessible route must directly connect both sides of the court.
2010 ADA  206.2.12

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14 Responses to Recreation Facilities

  1. Are there any ADA access requirements for outdoor kitchens in relation to the gas grill and a bar sink? Is there any other requirements other than 34″ high counter top?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      The only requirements I can think of are the 34″ counter height / clearance under the sink / insulated pipes, and that it be connected to an accessible path of travel.

  2. Seal Focas says:

    I would like to know what are the ADA beach access rules are. For example, from a new construction of a restroom, work in progress, on top of a bluff overlooking a beach pool formed by a breakwater down below, what would the beach access ramp rule be from the restroom to the shoreline?

  3. Bonnie Johnson says:

    Are there any REQUIMENTS for ADA parking and path at a Bike Park? This would be a park with wood and dirt jumps and ramps for biking only.

  4. Mr Jim Patrick Harmon says:

    I golf with a group of golfers (retired) and many have mobility and breathing issues (one blind). They can’t deal with a lot of walking. Some golf courses now use GPS to shut down carts making these people walk as much as 70 yards to the greens. This hardship means some won’t golf at those courses. Is this legal? If it is not; who controls compliance?
    I’ve requested multiple times for a 30 foot to green access and they’ve denied every request (this at the course where I live). I’ve also written to the controlling owners and they responded by banning me from anywhere near the golf course unless I pay a fee.
    Am I at the right governmental dept?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Sorry – you’re not at a government department at all. We are an architectural firm in California, that specializes in ADA compliance. Having said that, I’m surprised from your description that the golf courses are not making accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

  5. William Hauser says:

    Our local senior center recently installed two bocce ball courts non-regulation size. There are cement walkways around the outside perimeter of each court. The interior separation between the two side by side courts is two feet. The wood structures surrounding the courts are 6″ high. I am concerned about a real tripping hazard at these small courts.
    Are there any ADA requirements that need to be met when constructing bocce courts?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      I’m a little concerned to hear about the 2 ft. separation between the courts, but I’m presuming there’s a 4 ft. wide pathway around the perimeter of the courts, & if that’s the case, you should be good to go.
      At least 1 of the courts should also have a removable portion of the edge boundary, to allow a wheelchair to access the court.

  6. Annalis Johnson-Benner says:

    For exterior environments, what determines whether a space must be accessible or not? I feel like the California building code is really not very helpful with regard to outdoor spaces. I understand that amenity spaces must be accessible, but what about landscape maintenance paths? We have a decomposed granite pad with no amenities at the bottom of a planted slope for an industrial/commercial property where we have a provided a small stairway just for landscape maintenance. Our local municipality is requesting an accessible route. I can’t find any part of the code that directly requires or directly exempts this space to be accessible.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Check out CBC 11B-203.5 – Machinery spaces. Spaces frequented only by service personnel for maintenance, repair or occasional monitoring of equipment shall not be required to comply these requirements or to be on an accessible route.

  7. Chrisrina Kim says:

    Are there any laws regards to locker rooms and caregivers of opposite gender helping out?

  8. Chrisrina Kim says:

    Are there any laws regards to locker rooms and caregivers of opposite gender helping out? There is a gym that is not allowing access to the locker room but redirecring us to the opposite side of the gym to use the bathroom after getting into the pool.

  9. Greg Melton says:


    i have a winery that i am working with and they have a 70′ path of travel from a ada parking space. the area is asphalt with white striping. my client wants to make it more attractive. can i use a contrasting paving material like colored concrete instead of the white striping. It has contrast?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Colored concrete would be helpful, but the requirement is for white striping. Anything other than that would not be compliant.

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