Signs – Tactile Requirements

Tactile signs & pictorial symbols:

Pictorial symbol signs to have verbal description placed directly below pictogram.  Outside dim. of pictogram to be 6”. (Note: no specific requirement for size of symbol or ISA.)

Characters to be raised 1/32”, to be sans serif uppercase, accompanied by contracted (Grade II) Braille.

Characters to be min. of 5/8” and max. of 2”.

Characters & Braille to be horizontal format.  Braille to be placed a min. of 3/8” and a max. of ½” directly below characters flush left or centered.
CBC 1117B.5.5  2010 ADA 703.2

2010 ADA Fig. 703.4.1

Min. 1/8” between characters
2010 ADA  703.2.7

Min. line spacing of raised characters = 135%
2010 ADA  703.2.8

Uppercase Braille indicators generally not required
2010 ADA  703.3.1

Tactile characters to be located between 48” – 60” at baselines
2010 ADA  703.4.1

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