Reach Ranges

Where clear floor space allows parallel approach, max. high side reach to be 54”.  Low

CBC Fig. 11B-5Db

side reach to be no less than 9”.
CBC 1118B.6  ADAAG 4.2.6

Max. high side reach to be 48”.

Min. low side reach to be 15” with 10” max. depth of obstruction.
2010 ADA  308.3

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5 Responses to Reach Ranges

  1. Taylor says:

    Hello! Does anyone know if putting an employee at the counter to help with reach obstacles would satisfy ADA requirements? Thanks so much!

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      As far as I know, there’s no provision in the ADA to provide a physical assistant – in lieu of making required corrections.

  2. Irfan Rydhan says:

    What if you have a standard 24″ deep countertop which is 34″ high. What is the max. reach range above the countertop? is it 48″ AFF or 54″ AFF ?

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