Path of Travel – Clearances

Wall and post mounted objects between 27” and 80” above finish floor to project no more than 4” into corridor, walk or aisle.
CBC 1133B.8.6.1 ADAAG 4.4.1

CBC Fig. 11B-7A

Walks, halls etc. to have min. clear headroom of 80”.
CBC 1133B.8.6.2 ADAAG 4.4.2

Walks & pedestrian ways which are part of the egress system to have min. clear headroom of 84”.
CBC 1116A.2

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4 Responses to Path of Travel – Clearances

  1. Doug Chapman says:

    I am wondering how to file a complaint against Walmart in Yreka, Ca. The walkways are either cluttered or to small to get a wheelchair through. We have contacted corporate office and talked with store manager. Some of my complaints are clothing is not accessable, they have posts in walkways, and new stock piled in carts and on pallets all day. I was in there yesterday and they had pallets at the end of shelves that took up half the walkway, the pallets were also piled over my head by foot or more. My wife is disabled and has to use 7 liters of oxygen when mobile, can be reduced to 6 when in wheelchair. Unfortunately my wife can’t shop there because it is so over crowded. Then the check out is a nightmare, they only open 3 or 4 registers and there are at least 50 people looking to check out. (they have 19 register) Thus the last reason my wife can’t shop there because she is on limited time due to oxygen.
    Thank you for reading,
    Doug Chapman

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      If your discussions with the store manager and corporate office have not addressed the issues – then your next step is to have a discussion with an attorney.

  2. Spencer Chan says:

    What is the a minimum required width for a wheel chair path for a new residential building in the City of Torrance, Los Angeles, California?
    Please provide information for both walkway and door way.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Typically a path of travel is 4′-0″ wide. It can be reduced down to 3′-0″ with the approval of the enforcing agency. Re: your request for door way dimensions, I need more information about the specifics of the project in order to provide that.

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