Signs – International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA)

In California, ISA’s are required at:

Building Entrances – CBC 1117B.
Accessible Restrooms – adjacent to door – not on door – CBC 1117B.5.1.3
Transfer Seats in Auditoriums – CBC 1104B.3.4.1
Accessible Checkstands – when not all checkstands are accessible – 4”x4” – CBC 1110B.1.3
On signs providing direction to accessible means of egress adjacent to elevators & exits that are not accessible for egress – CBC 1007.10
Signs for accessible parking – CBC 1129B.4
Accessible passenger loading & unloading zones – CBC 1131B.2
Signs providing direction to accessible building entrances, exits, restrooms & sanitary facilities where accessible path of travel deviates from regular pedestrian path – CBC 1117B5.8.1.2
Ticket office signs stating that accessible & companion seating is available – CBC 1104B.3.4.1
At doors to areas of refuge & exterior areas for assisted rescue – CBC 1007.9
At or on power doors & on push plates, vertical actuation bars – CBC 1133B2.5, Exception 2d
For occupancies of 300 or more, 6” ISA to be above door on both interior & exterior sides – CBC 1133B2.5, Exception 2e

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