Curb Ramps – Finish

Curb ramp finish to contrast with adjacent sidewalk.
CBC 1127B.5.5

Curb Ramp Finish CBC 1127B.5.5

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2 Responses to Curb Ramps – Finish

  1. Kent Morris says:

    I am not handicapped, but I was recently in a serious bicycling accident while trying to get onto the sidewalk from the street via the handicap access on the corner of the street…

    Apparently the front tire of my bicycle could not get past the lip because it was too high and so my bike stopped while I kept going…

    My question is what are the height requirements of the handicap lip on street corners–I looked at others and the lip was more or less flush with the street…

    Who do I call to check out this particular one in order to find out if it’s compliant?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Essentially a curb ramp should be flush with the street. Both the ADA and the California Building Code have a requirement that limits the change in height along a path of travel to 1/4″ if vertical – and 1/2″ if sloped. If you think the curb ramp is not compliant – you could take photographs, with a tape measure, of the area in question & then go meet with your local Building Department. I hope this helps.

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