Parking Signs

Sign posted for each accessible parking space with International Symbol of Accessibility indicating that the space is reserved for persons with disabled parking permits.
$250 fine sign at each parking stall.
CBC 1129B.4

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2 Responses to Parking Signs

  1. Anne Romano says:

    I live in an active senior living community. There are 5 – 4 story buildings. I just moved in, so I’m not sure of the amount of apartments, but there are many. There is only One (1) handicap space per building, if I counted correctly, at the most two. However, they have a rule that this space is temporary and may not be used for overnight parking and you could be towed. This doesn’t sound right to me. They also charge each resident $25 a month for their space. I do want to remain anonymous. We’re located in Westminster, CA.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      The number of accessible parking stalls is determined by the total number of parking spaces. For a residential complex, they should not be towing cars with disabled placards.

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