Clear Floor Space / Turning Radius

A question has come up recently regarding the 60″ diameter circle or “T” shaped space required for wheelchair turning – and specifically about the height that the 60″ diameter circle or “T” shaped space needs to be clear above the floor.

The CBC 1118B.4.1 indicates that, “the clear floor … space for wheelchairs may be part of the knee space required under some objects, which allows the clear floor space to extend under the 27″ clearance required under sinks (CBC Fig. 11B-1D) and the 27” clearance under tables at restaurants (CBC 1104B.5.4) It would seem prudent to limit the overlap to 8″ as indicated in the CBC diagram for sinks.

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  1. Cesar Holguina says:

    My question is basic. I’m designing a set for a play in a small space. The set is scaffolding where you can get under it to exit in case of an emergency through the exit doors. How much is needed for a person in a wheel chair? I thought it was 36″ but I just read your 60″ diameter rule. I don’t understand what is legal? Could you get back to me please. Thank you!

  2. HF says:

    Can door swings into turning raduis (Calif Code ?) if so what is the max ?

    • Corbusier says:

      yes they can: 12″

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      Typically the door can swing 12″ into the turning radius. If, however, it is a single occupancy restroom, the door can swing into the turning radius or the clear space of any fixture, as long as a clear space of 30″x48″ is provided beyond the door swing.

  3. Kevin Schaefer says:

    Can you help clarify ADA clear kneespace heights at sinks?
    Kitchen sink conditions are min 27″ and 34″ max.
    Lavy sink conditions used to be min 29″, 8″ back min 27″ and 34″ max.
    Has there been a code change where both Kitchen sink and Lavy sink ADA clear kneespace clearance are now min 27″ at front of counter?

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      There hasn’t been a code change.

      Lavatories require 29″ min. clear at the front edge – tapering to 27″ – 8″ back from the front edge – 34″ max. height at the front edge.

      Kitchen sinks require 27″ min. clearance at the front edge, with 34″ max. counter height. This allows for the profile of the front edge of the sink.

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