Food & Drink Serving Counter

Where food or drink is served at counters exceeding 34″ in height, a portion of the main counter to be provided 60″ long & 28″ to 34″ above finish floor.
CBC 1104B.5.4

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  1. Joaquin Esteva says:

    Hi, we are a small cafĂ© and the L-shaped bar we are building is 8′ X ‘5.5’–does this mean that basically one whole side of the bar (60″) would have to be 28″-34″ above floor? We have accessible seating at a large communal table and three 2-tops. We are a 24 seat restaurant that will have at least 6 accessible seating areas in different areas of the floor.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Dwight Ashdown says:

      What you want to do, is provide the same experience to everyone, whether they are able bodied or disabled. You don’t want to discriminate against anyone by essentially saying that a disabled person cannot sit at the bar.

      Also, you mentioned that you have accessible 2-top tables. Be careful about that, because an accessible table requires a 30″ wide space, extending 19″ under the table, to accommodate a wheelchair. A 2-top table, with a center support, typically wouldn’t allow that.

  2. Joaquin Esteva says:

    Thank you so much for your quick response, we were planning on getting 4-legged tables so I think we are good to go there. I have been noticing that many places now have “pop-up” bars underneath the main bar (basically a table top on hinges that pops up from underneath the bar to accommodate disabled access). Do you have any thoughts on this modification?

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